Game Center

Soccer Analytics. Demystified.

Terms like "Expected Goals" and "sQxG" are beyond the most advanced (let alone casual) soccer fan. We were tasked with creating simplified and easily understood interactive data visualizations and dashboards derived from complex data models, showcasing the probability of a shot becoming a goal and overall team performance across all positional aspects.

The Challenge

Robust sports analytics have so much information that it's easy to get lost or confused (or overlooked) when not looking in exactly the right places. We pared down the data to the essential and most pertinent points, translating it to a comprehensive series of interactive embeddable widgets to supplement game analysis.

The Result

The Game Center became the crown jewel of the consumer facing product line and the keystone for all other product (data visualizations, social media and automated videos) derivations. On game days, the post-game analysis visuals were highly-trafficked, favorited and retweeted. The responsive web design and framework provided quick access for the "on-the-go" fan using mobile devices.