Predictor Game

Predict. Submit. Win.

Predictive analytics come to life as a game of skill. We took's prediction engine and added a UI for guessing match results plus a social layer, as well as a leaderboard and scorecard for each gameweek. Deeper data visualizations can be uncovered to gauge the historical impact and performance of each team in the competition.

The Challenge

The starting point for this project was an algorithm and APIs developed prior to Copa America. It had no discernible front-end or user flow and only a vague idea on how we would build a roadmap to a full gaming experience. After evaluating the requirements and building a complete user flow, we created prototypes to gauge interaction and usability. Refining these after rounds of feedback and testing, we were able to successfully launch an MVP and gain a substantial following.

The Result was able to complement predictive data models with a simple and easy-to-use UI. The timely launch coupled with some social media promotion and open dialogue allowed us to rapidly address some of the early performance issues. The overall experience was well-received and featured on LigaMX match broadcasts.