Univision App

News. Sports. Entertainment. All In One App.

The flagship app of Univision on both iOS and Android platforms. We created a card-based paradigm that allows multiple content types to be displayed harmoniously in conjunction with display advertising. Localization and personalization were also introduced so every user had a customized experience based on their geography and interests.

The Challenge

The Univision app combines disparate news and video sources from Sports, Politics and Entertainment. We wanted unifying elements between each category and an intuitive way to navigate between these topics. Because the audience demographics of this app varied greatly in age, gender and nationality, Univision needed a way to tailor the content and ad-targeting to selected preferences.

The Result

We constructed wireframes and prototypes to quickly test concepts and feasibility. After multiple iterations, we arrived at a final product that satisfied business, product, technology and design requirements but also appealed to our new and existing userbase. The metrics and ad revenue were bolstered greatly when compared to the legacy app.